About Us

Soul Shapers is an initiative came in existence since July 2014 by Isrg Rajan. It has been started with the objective to help the youngsters who are in need of good company. We will help them to overcome depression. Soul Shapers is an online platform where they can share and discuss their matters with us. There is no need to worry about any undesired publicity as whatever they will share with us will be kept confidential.

Our Mission

Soul Shapers is an initiative to help youngsters to overcome depression. We are a team of young and experienced volunteers working in enhancing lives of people around the globe.

Everyone has his or her own views regarding different aspects of life. But we should keep this thing in mind that our experiences play significant part in making our mind set. Everyone owns their unique way of looking at life. Some stay practical, some stay emotional and some of them are flexible.

On the one hand, if we succeed in one thing, it will motivate us to go ahead in life. On the other if we fail or get disappoint in our task, we generally get unmotivated and we will hesitate to attempt that task in future. In this situation, we somehow forget to get the right reason of getting disappointed and consequently, fall into depression. Somehow this depression leads to some of the bad and common results such as loss of self-confidence and decrease of productivity in other work(s).

In this cases, they generally need a good company to talk to or to share their feelings regarding disappointment(s). There are many ways by which people can express their sorrow. Generally, people find it easier to write poems & stories, some people like painting pictures etc. Some people prefer talking to someone very close to them or whom they trust. Some people try to escape the situation by keeping themselves busy in their work and do not want to get disturbed by anyone’s presence. But I do not think this is the correct because their this behavior can make them feel more depressed.

People should express their feelings. Feel Free To Express (FFE), share whatever you feel like. We are here to listen to your matters and, to help you to overcome depression, to get your self-confidence back and to help you to maintain your productivity of your jobs.

“Life is better if we can eliminate DEPRESSION from it. We should have the strength to face and accept disappointment(s) in our life. Success and failure are the two different faces of life. But despite of being aware of this fact, people fall into depression and, sometimes the situation gets out of the hands and, we have to witness the extremely bad consequence – SUICIDE. According to statistics, In India,one person commits suicides every 15 minutes due to some reason(s). People should realise this thing that whatever they are doing today will somehow benefit them in future. When we will start having a positive attitude towards life then we will never feel disappointed or depressed.”