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Gurgaon now known as the Gurugram is one of the well developed city of Haryana located in the National Capital Region Delhi. The name of the city has changed, but the problems are still with it. When we talk of problems there are infinite numbers of problems that  are causing serious problems and diseases like depression, anxiety and stress etc. When we suffer from problems like depression, anxiety and stress  we need someone to counsel and support us emotionally and there are a lot of people, but the problem with expert counselors is they charges a lot fee which could another cause for your depression and the reason we brought the Soul Shapers the Free Online Depression Counselling in Gurgaon(Gurugram).

You can get the expert’s advise and depression, stress and anxiety counselling for free and that’s online in Gurgaon (Gurugram). At Soul Shapers we are the association of volunteers which include professional doctors, scholars, students and the real people who’ve overcome depression. At Soul Shapers we counsel for free of cost for humanity as it is one of the mission of our founder Isrg Rajan to heal the lives of the people in serving for the nation and the humanity.  People with healthy mindset can be a great asset for a country in its development, progress and in building a health society.

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