Top 10 Causes of Depression and Stress

Depression which is defined as the feelings of severe despondency and dejection.”self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression” is very common in every human beings and even in the animals. Depressions and stress could be due to n numbers of reasons.  In this article we have includes the top 10 common causes of depression which also causes the stress in Humans.

1. Abuse

One of the main factor behind the depression and stress is the abuse which could be a physical abuse, sexual, emotional which increases the vulnerability of getting depressed.

2. Certain medications

This is common in the people either aged or under going certain medications. It has been seen that medicines as accutane which is used to treat acne causes problems like depression.

3. Conflict

Having conflict can also cause depression as there is possibility of having biological vulnerability which further develop into depression. The conflict can be with any one like family, friends and relatives etc.

4. Death or a loss.

Death or the loss can have umpteen depression and life. This could be more worse if in case one lost someone more closer to him or her.

5. Genetics

Recent research have proven that the stress and the depression can have genetic relationship. This mainly happen when someone in your family have suffered from depression problem.

6. Major events

It is not always that the depression is caused by bad things, in recent years it has been found that depression is also caused by major events such as new job, marriage etc.

7. Other personal problems

Depression can also be cause due to personal problems such as mental illnesses, physical disabilities and likes and dislikes.

8. Serious illnesses

Serious illnesses can also be cause due to serious illness and medical problems.

9. Substance abuse

About 28% of people have clinical depression. This is rare in the mid-aged people.

10. Social-problem

Depression could also be due to social problem which includes social injustice, social inequality etc.